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Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience

Home to the Southern Hemisphere’s premier medieval attractions ; the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology (Abbey Museum) and the Abbey Medieval Festival, it’s no surprise that the Moreton Bay Region is synonymous with authentic medieval experiences and cultural tourism.

The Abbey Museum, with the support of the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay and Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) have created a conceptualised scope of Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience, a unique tourism attraction that would immerse visitors, from throughout the world, into medieval life and times.

The Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience is a proposed living museum concept located at Caboolture in the Moreton Bay Region, ideally situated between Brisbane; Queensland’s capital city and the Sunshine Coast.

Similar to the annual Abbey Medieval Festival that attracts more than 30,000 visitors each year from throughout Australia, the Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience would provide visitors with an emotional awareness of cultural heritage and offer a range of medieval life experiences and reenactors.

The opportunity to bring the Abbey Medieval Festival to life, 12 months of the year, is now a real possibility for the Moreton Bay Region, explains Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland.

“The Abbey Medieval Festival is already such an important contributor to our local economy, with the additional visitation providing significant exposure and benefits to various industry groups including accommodation providers, hospitality, tourist and transport operators, plus many more.

Imagine having that sort of economic benefit all year round, ” Mayor Sutherland said.

The next step in making the Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience a reality is by commissioning a feasibility study that will provide the evidence of the benefits the state and federal governments will need to assist in making this possible.

“The Moreton Bay Regional Council is fully supportive of the Abeystowe Medieval Life Experience concept, from a tourism, jobs and planning perspective,” Mayor Sutherland said.

The proposed concept of the Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience is a ground-breaking tourism opportunity explains Shane Newcombe, CEO of MBRIT; the Destination Management Organisation for the Moreton Bay Region.

“We already know the popularity of the Abbey Medieval Festival and global appeal of the medieval period, and I’m confident that the proposed Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience has the potential to become a major international attraction, located right here in the Moreton Bay Region,” Mr Newcombe explained.

“This project is the opportunity for us to truly stamp our mark on the medieval market, attract significant tourism visitation and reap the rewards as a region.”

The Abbey Museum, the drivers of the Abbeystowe Medieval Life Experience, are looking forward to working with key stakeholders to make their vision a reality, explains CEO, Edith Cuffe.

“The Abbey Museum has been working closely with the Moreton Bay Regional Council, RDA Moreton Bay and MBRIT to create the concept pitch, and we look forward to moving beyond the concept stage and making this vision a reality,” Mrs Cuffe said.

Click here for more information and to watch the concept video presentation


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