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RDA Moreton Bay worked with the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Moreton Bay Regional Council, and the community sector to increase the level of participation in the recent 2011 Census held 9th August 2011, for those communities that have a lower participation rate and are harder to reach.  The focus for this 2011 Census was the Indigenous community, however some targeted activity also took place with the multicultural community and the homeless.

The project  involved training with community leaders on the Census, what it means, the privacy provisions and the benefit of participating. It  also involved close collaboration with indigenous and multicultural organisations and leaders as well as the regional Housing and Homelessness Network and services working with the homeless. There were a number of community sessions and activities run by key local services to increase the level of awareness and provide information on the value of participating, as well as how to fill out the Census forms. The project also linked into existing community events such as NAIDOC.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Moreton Bay Regional Council hosted  general and multiculrural and indigenous workshops to gather interest from prospective Collectors and specialist enagagement officers who were then employed to work in identified areas of need where there may be a higher concentration of the CALD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities. These staff were  people with experience and links to the Indigenous and Multicultural communities in the region.

In the lead up to the Census there were activities and events to increase awareness of the Census, what it means for the community and region, how to participate and how to fill out Census forms.

We thank the A&TSI communities and multicultural ambassadors who assisted this project and it is hoped that the numbers particpating in this 2011 Census are more representative of the real numbers of A&TSI and CALD communities who live in the region. The first release of 2011 Census data will be in June 2012.

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