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In 2010 RDA Moreton Bay set up a Moreton Bay Region Community Wellbeing Collective that brought together nominated representatives from the key community networks in the region as well as key government agencies and stakeholders.  This group aimed to provide a mechanism to know and understand the social needs of the region and to inform future planning, policy and initiatives.

It was recognised that it would be of value for existing networks to come together to look more broadly at community need and pressures across the region.  it also provided opportunity for government agencies and other organisations, to engage with a collective community group on community policy and planning matters.

 The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Community Wellbeing Collective was ratified at the first meeting of the group on 28th March, 2011. The Community Wellbeing Collective Minutes are attached as well as the TOR.


The last meeting of the Collective was on 27th March 2012, at Caboolture Hub. This meeting gave opportunity to provide final thoughts on the Community Services Sector Review project and the group also discussed the future of the Collective with the set up of a new Reference Group to steer the Community Services Sector Review (CSSR) actions and recommendations.

With the set up of the CSSR Reference Group the Collective could now cease – to ensure there is no duplication and confusion, particularly as the Reference Group aims to link to the Regional Managers Coordination Network (State Govt departments) and as govt agencies and representatives are unlikely to want to sit on both the Collective and the Reference Group meetings.

The group discussed the issue and supported the view that the Community Wellbeing Collective cease but still have a clear mechanism to come together and link to other sector networks and government.

RDA Moreton Bay would like to thank the community services sector and in particular the network representatives, for the support and contribution to the Collective and we are encouraged that the Community Services Sector Review project Reference Group, once set up, will continue the opportunity for such a collaborative and networked sector. We look forward to supporting that reference group and continuing to support the community services sector in the great work it does and has the capacity to do.

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