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On 14 May 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Parliamentary Secretary, Gary Gray, and Premier, Anna Bligh on behalf of the Australian and Queensland Governments.  The MOU establishes the framework for the establishment of Regional Development Australia in Queensland.  It also signals the start of a new State and Federal Government partnership to create a network to work with and grow the regions in Queensland.

Governments have agreed that 12 newly incorporated RDA Committees will be established, and will be based on local government boundaries.

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Regional Development Australia unites Queensland and Commonwealth for growth

Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development and Northern Australia, Gary Gray, and Queensland Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland, Tim Mulherin said a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had been signed to kick off the Regional Development Australia (RDA) process in Queensland.

Regional Queenslanders will soon have a stronger voice in Government programs thanks to a new network of 12 committees to be known as RDA.

The MoU signals the start of the State and Federal Governments joining forces to create the new network to advise and work with both governments to address regional issues and promote regional development.  It will be a two-way dialogue.

Mr Gray said RDA would operate throughout the country to tap local knowledge, and to help people living in regional areas learn more about the Commonwealth Government’s ongoing funding of local community infrastructure.

“The RDA committees will be informing government about what is happening at the grass roots level in order to advance regional understanding, development priorities and to retain jobs,” Mr Gray said.

“The new MoU will promote further cooperation between the Commonwealth and Queensland governments to promote regional development.”

“Regional Development Australia committee volunteers – with local experience in business and industry, local government and the wider community – will act as valuable sources of regional advice and advocacy.

“While these individuals hold a diversity of views, they will promote regional development in a number of ways, such as developing regional strategic plans and identifying key local issues.

“The formation of the RDA committees is particularly important during the current global economic downturn when communities are experiencing unemployment and tough times.”

The new Queensland RDA committees will be located in Far North Queensland and Torres Strait; Townsville and North West Queensland; Mackay/Whitsunday; Fitzroy and Central West; Wide Bay Burnett; Darling Downs and South West; Sunshine Coast; Moreton Bay; Brisbane City; Logan and Redlands; Ipswich and West Moreton; and the Gold Coast.

Mr Mulherin said the Queensland Government fully supported this initiative from day one because it meant that all three tiers of government would work together with industry and the community to advance regions.

“The committees will also support community engagement, regional planning, whole-of-government activities, individual government programs and community development,” Mr Mulherin said.

“This is a great opportunity for Queenslanders with relevant local experience to make a real difference to the decision-making process.”

“I’m encouraging Queenslanders to become involved with their local committees and provide the Queensland and Commonwealth governments with timely and accurate information.”

“We want to make sure that government money is provided where it is needed most, to help local industries thrive and create more long-term jobs.”

Local community members will nominate people to form the RDA Queensland committees in a public process that will run for three weeks from 30 May 2009.

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