Welcome to RDA Moreton Bay

Priority One – Catalytic Economic Development Infrastructure Projects:

Investment in key economic development infrastructure is a fundamental driver of economic growth both during and after the construction phase. It is not surprising that this is the number one priority for one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

RDA Moreton Bay is working with MBRC on a number of key projects, including the construction of the $1.1bn Moreton Bay Rail Link which is due to be opened during March 2016. This project will enable residents to better access services and employment within the region, and also in to Brisbane. The five new stations along its route will also provide significant economic opportunity as business precincts in their own right.

Moreton Bay Rail Link location

Moreton Bay Rail Link location

Tertiary Education Strategy for the Moreton Bay Region:

RDA Moreton Bay instigated the development of the Tertiary Education Strategy for the Moreton Bay Region, which focused on developing key actions to increase the aspiration and participation rates of residents in Tertiary Education.

Supported by MBRC, the Strategy identified and developed financial models for new investment by the sector in the region. Currently, the vast majority of students leave the region to access a university education.

Based on the strategy and the closure of AMCOR Mill site in Petrie, MBRC has taken the lead on the acquisition of this site as the location for a university, health precinct, broad education precinct, and knowledge / innovation business parks. The redeveloped site will also provide a range of housing types and sports and community facilities. MBRC has acquired the site which has the potential to create 4,400 FTE beyond the construction phase.

RDA Moreton Bay will be a key partner at the launch of the strategy on the site during October, 2015.

This demonstrates the ability of an RDA to be a catalyst to explore opportunities and secure partnership investment in what will be a $500m development on the nexus of the existing and the new Moreton Bay Rail Link.

Ranked 41st in Australia for access to technical or further education

Pine Rivers Private Hospital Feasibility Study & Business Case:

RDA Moreton Bay during June, 2015 secured funding from the Commonwealth Government Department of Health to develop a feasibility study and business case for a private hospital development in the Pine Rivers area of the Moreton Bay Region. The tender process will commence during July, 2015 and the work will be completed during April / May, 2016.


RDA Moreton Bay will be working during 2015-16 with partners to promote the concept of a culture / philosophy of innovation to further drive the regions knowledge economy and broader economic growth. RDA Moreton Bay has being championing this for a number of years following the development of an innovation centre feasibility study. Generally, associated with universities the opportunity of securing an investment in an Innovation Centre will be explored as part of the master planning for the former AMCOR site indicated above. RDA Moreton Bay will also be partnering with MBRC and MBRIT to launch the regions first Innovation Awards for Business.

Other key infrastructure developments across the region include and are not limited to:

Caboolture West a 6,100+ ha master planned community expected to house 60,000 residents.

Caboolture West map

Caboolture West map

North Harbour a planned 300+ ha multi-use precinct for housing and business. The North East Business park component is expected to create 9,000 FTE jobs of the region.

North Harbour Artist's Impression

North Harbour Artist’s Impression

RDA Moreton Bay is also supporting the business case and partnership development to support the Samford Commons precinct.

Samford Commons Precinct

Samford Commons Precinct

The Samford Commons proposal is for a substantial area of the Samford Parklands that remains largely undeveloped.  The proposed uses include recreation, culture and environmental sustainability initiatives such as an Urban Farming Centre, School of Sustainability, Arts Precinct, shared business facilities, and a “co-working” space.

Building Better Regions Fund and other government programs:

Clearly, this priority positions RDA Moreton Bay to work with key stakeholders to promote NSRF and other programs including the roll out of the NBN across the Moreton Bay Region.

Priority Two: Future Focused – Building Regional Brand and Identity:

A collaborative priority to significantly enhance the branding of the region principally through the focus of MBRIT on destination marketing, events and tourism. As with the Tertiary Education Strategy and focus on innovation, it also provides RDA Moreton Bay with the opportunity in the area of ‘Thought Leadership’ to explore new opportunities to enhance the economic development of the Moreton Bay Region, based on sound research and intelligence.

Priority Three – Regional Prosperity:

The objective of this priority is to support an economic environment where business prosperity and confidence drives jobs and where companies can invest with confidence.

This priority recognises RDA Moreton Bay’s lead role in business cluster development in the region through the ongoing employment of a Business Cluster Manager (BCM).

During 2015-16, the BCM will focus on leading the Narangba and Brendale Business Groups and also supporting ongoing business cluster development in key sectors, including: agri-business; food & beverage manufacturing, ICT and print. Other opportunities to be further explored include: tourism; health; seafood and motorsport.

RDA Moreton Bay will be strategically partnering with MBRIT to support the work of the MBRIT Business Relationship Managers.

This recognises the importance of business engagement and supporting the development of the regions existing business community. It will also enhance the ability of the Business Cluster Manager to develop cluster groups.

Start Up Moreton Bay will be launched with partnership funding from the Queensland Government and support from MBRC. Start Up Moreton Bay will enhance the region’s start up community through the delivery of a high growth business development program aimed at the regions entrepreneurs.

Priority Four – Signature Events:

The objective under this priority is to enhance the reputation of the region as an ‘Event Destination’ and to maximise the associated regional and economic development outcomes.

RDA Moreton Bay, MBRC and MBRIT will be collaborating during 2015-16 to deliver six high quality signature business events across the region.

During previous financial years the number of business events has grown considerably reaching saturation levels resulting in a decline in attendance, participation rates and brand awareness.

MBRIT is ideally placed to deliver the following six signature events in partnership with MBRC and RDAMB during 2015/16 through its own in house events management team:

  1. Sportsman Lunch – July, 2015
  2. TBA – September, 2015
  3. Inspiring Business – November, 2015
  4. Inspiring Women – February, 2016
  5. Tourism Forum & Showcase – April, 2016
  6. Regional Business & Industry Awards Program – June, 2016.