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The Big Morning 4 Your Business was held by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay as a region-wide event on 29th May, 2014.  The event was for businesses featuring 18 industry experts presenting on business-growth topics.

Designed to connect local businesses with organisations that provide funding and support, workshop gave businesses the tools to increase business productivity, profitability, efficiency, sustainability, and connect business to the community sector.  Time-poor business owners were able to access the information they needed to grow their business across one morning in one location.

The high-quality program was delivered by 18 industry experts on the following topics:

Reducing Costs | Being More Productive | Developing New Products or Services | Entering Overseas Markets | Creating New Jobs | Utilising Digital Technology | Cloud Computing Online Accounting | Digital Marketing | Business Coaching | Investing in Staff Training | Accessing Government Programs | Learning from Other Businesses | Local Purchasing  Investing in Your Community | Being More Efficient to Boost Profit | Sustainable Tools

Each interactive workshop was designed to provide businesses with practical information along with detail of the products, services, grants or assistance that the presenting organisation offers to the business community.

View the full schedule of workshops and workshop topics:

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Businesses were also able to meet the industry experts one-on-one at the trade tables, learn from the region’s other businesses and take advantage of networking opportunities.

The presenters were selected by RDA Moreton Bay from a range of industry sectors, including Federal, State and Local Government, not-for-profit organisations, and local business leaders.

All presentations from the day are provided below:

Automate Your Work Systems and Manage Them From Across the Room or On the Road (Flowbiz)

Become A Green Street Workplace and Be More Sustainable (NACC)

Digital Enterprise Program – FREE Digital Training & Coaching Helping Business Succeed Online (Australian Business Training Solutions)

Find the Solutions to Your Business Problems with a Business Coach (Small Business Solutions)

Five Must Do’s for Successful International Business (Austrade)

Helping Businesses Understand What Incentives and Services are Available to Help them Grow (AusIndustry)

How Can Moreton Bay Regional Council Support Your Busines (Moreton Bay Regional Council)

How Can Your Business Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency and Strengthen Your Local Economy (Springers Solar)

How Can Your Business Support the Community (Our Village Foundation)

Improve Productivity and Build Your Business with Workforce Development (DETE)

Improving Tenant Energy Efficiency, Reducing Operating Costs (CitySwitch Green Office)

Learn How QMI Solutions Works With Manufacturing Businesses to Improve Their Competitiveness & Capability (QMI Solutions)

Maximizing Business Profit and Value (SRJ)

Move Your Accounting to the Cloud with Xero Online Accounting, Bank Reconciliation and Invoicing (DLA)

Reduce Energy, Water And Waste and Boost Profit (CCIQ EcoBiz)

Stop Your Website Sending Your Customers to Your Competition and Move Your Business to the Cloud Cost-Effectively (Jethro)



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