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Is this the impact of collaboration?

A new identity, energy and passion to work together to improve productivity and create local jobs.

RDA Moreton Bay has lead and supported the establishment of the Narangba Innovation Precinct (NiP), previously known as the Narangba Industrial Estate. Located within a catchment of 200 businesses, this forward focused group of around 30 business leaders has collaborated on a number of initiatives to build the capacity and reputation of the area, location re-branding, schools transition to employment, workforce development, lean manufacturing and energy management.

In its simplest form, collaboration is businesses working together to compete and grow.

Business clusters are usually formed in a geographical location where a natural advantage or concentration of a particular activity, results in a competitive advantage. These clusters have the potential to affect competition in three ways: by increasing the productivity of the companies in the cluster, by driving innovation in the field, and by stimulating new businesses in the field.

Australian examples include the Barossa Valley for wine, Gold Coast for entertainment, and Torquay for surf products. The European Cluster Observatory identified 1,400 cluster organisations in 2012, with the top 5 industry sectors consisting of IT, Food, Energy, Health and Automotive. Best known international examples include Silicon Valley for start-up & digital, Las Vegas for gambling & entertainment, London as the financial centre, and Bangalore for knowledge services.

Bring it back to the local level, Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay is driving innovation in the way businesses, communities and education providers work together.

Other Business Clusters apart from the the Narangba Innovation Precinct have been developed across the Agribusiness and Food and Beverage sector, ICT & Digital, and Circular Economy.


Michael Kennedy Kennedy Timbers


Michael Kennedy, CEO & Founder of Kennedy Timbers said: “There are very positive initiatives getting traction which will further enhance the continued positive industry development within the Narangba Innovative Precinct – a world class hub of innovation, employment and local community engagement. Well done.”  



RDA Moreton Bay is driving innovation in the way businesses, communities and education providers work together. Other Business Clusters have been developed across the Agribusiness and Food and Beverage sector, ICT & Print, Circular Economy and in Brendale. Emerging clusters include Motorsport, Exporting, Health and Tourism.


Hear what other businesses have to say….


Tom Eckersley Print Approach


“RDA Moreton Bay has established a platform of interaction between businesses in the region not previously encountered. There are many practical outcomes that have emerged from this interaction and there is also a much better feeling of goodwill amongst the business owners in the area.”
Tom Eckerley, Print Approach


Kate Honnef Oceanview

 “RDA has been a great source of professional information delivered in a relevant and usable way for Ocean View Estates. We are grateful for the ongoing relationship we have with the RDA who are not just talking about helping industry but actually following through with useful actions.”
– Kate Honnef, Oceanview Winery


“Over the past 10 months RDA Moreton Bay has proved to be very beneficial to my business by way of introducing me to a business cluster and cross industry cluster groups in the Moreton Bay Region. Meeting with other business owners to share experiences and ideas on how we can add value to a business through collaboration, innovative new techniques and technologies is a very unique experience. The RDA Moreton Bay team is excellent to work with. They are very professional and go out of their way to ensure as a cluster group we’re kept up to-date with what’s happening in the Region.”  Christine Marshall, Head of Creative and Concept Design, Relationship and Business Development at Runtime Design


Over 150 businesses are actively engaged in the business clusters emerging
across the Moreton Bay region.


What’s new in 2018

RDA Moreton Bay is currently working with the Department of State Development to identify and gauge the appetite for a defence cluster in the Moreton Bay Region.  Comprising of businesses providing component level services and products, there is a possibility that many businesses within the region do not realise that they have current capability to provide large and medium sized defence contractors with good and services. Watch this space in 2018! 

A number of waste recovery initiatives have been identified over the last 18 months by RDA Moreton Bay in collaboration with industry stakeholders.  Opportunities exist to strengthen the use of waste materials to reduce loss of resources in the region and create new industries.  2018 sees RDA Moreton Bay continue with collaborative efforts to support initiatives via the established cluster groups within the region.


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For More Information

If you have an appetite for collaboration and a desire to improve your business performance
contact Annette (Nette) Griggs, Director of 
RDA Moreton Bay mobile 0437 080 986 or
email: netteg@rdamoretonbay.org.au 

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