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Moreton Bay Regional Council Community Plan 2021

The Moreton Bay Community Plan “Our Tomorrow”

The Community Plan is a State Government legislated requirement for Local Government to lead a Community Plan process for their local government area. it is to develop a long term Plan that represents the communities aspirations and involves community engagement and participation in its development and implementation, as well as other stakeholders such as the Council and State Government agencies.  The Moreton Bay Community Plan is named “Our Tomorrow” and is a vision for what the Moreton Bay region should be by 2021 and will guide the Council’s corporate priorities into the future.  It may also assist other levels of government in their planning activities for the region.

 Council  underwent a community engagement process to gather information on issues and a number of themes, through survey, forums with key networks, school survey and on line responses and received around 4500 responses. The Council then developed a draft Plan with themes and strategies, for community feedback via the website, some targetted meetings and a series of Community sessions/roadshows over August 2011.  The Council then took into account the responses received and finalise the Community Plan for Council endorsement. This was endorsed in November 2011. The Council website has a copy of the Community Plan  Our Tomorrow Community Plan

The Community Plan will be reviewed annually and a major review every 5 years. RDA Moreton bay will support this process and align the Regional Roadmap with the community aspirations and startegies that emerge and change over time.

 A number of fact sheets were developed to inform the process and to provide information on the state of the region. These are a valuable resource for the community:

Factsheet 01 Business and economic activity

Factsheet 02 natural environment

Factsheet 03 local government decision making

Factsheet 04 housing and population growth

Factsheet 05 safe neighbourhoods

Factsheet 06 health services

Factsheet 07 education and training

Factsheet 08 parks sport rec arts and cultural activities

Factsheet 09 community pride volunteering community support

Factsheet 10 high speed internet

Factsheet 11 transport demand and infrastructure

Factsheet 12 libraries and other community facilities

Factsheet 13 reducing our impact on the environment

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