NBN Co Media Release

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NBN Co has recently released two important documents:

1. NBN Co Corporate Plan 2014-2017
2. Multi-Technology Mix Rollout Business Principles

These are two key documents underpinning NBN’s approach moving forward.

Multi-Technology Mix Rollout Business Principles

NBN Co today (13 November 2014) outlined the principles which will determine which access technology will be deployed to connect communities to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

These broad principles pave the way for the full transition to a multi-technology network and support the company’s commitment to roll out the NBN at the least cost to taxpayers and as quickly as possible.

NBN Co will deploy a range of technologies and utilise existing fit-for-purpose network infrastructure to deliver the minimum data rates required by the Federal Government’s broadband policy.

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NBN Co Corporate Plan 2014-17

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