The Emissions Reduction Fund is a voluntary scheme that aims to provide incentives for a range of organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions. It is enacted through the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011, the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Regulations 2011 and the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Rule 2015.

A number of activities are eligible under the scheme and participants can earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs). One ACCU is earned for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) stored or avoided by a project. ACCUs can be sold to generate income, either to the Government through a carbon abatement contract, or in the secondary market.

The Emissions Reduction Fund – what it means for you

If you are thinking about investing in new technology to improve the productivity or energy efficiency of your business operations, you may be interested in the Emissions Reduction Fund.

The Emissions Reduction Fund creates a positive incentive for Australian businesses to adopt smarter practices to cut the amount of greenhouse gases they create.


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