Narangba Business Group

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February 23, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Kennedy's Timbers
228 Potassium St
Narangba QLD 4504
Anthony Dow, RDA Moreton /Bay
0409 264 722
Narangba Business Group @ Kennedy's Timbers | Narangba | Queensland | Australia

This is a regular meeting of the Narangba Business Group

A light lunch will be served at this meeting.

How can NiP help you achieve in 2016?

Land zoning and business use changes will be implemented for the Narangba innovation Precinct area – join an expected group of 30+ businesses on 23 February to hear from State and Local government representatives and what it may mean for your business!

1. Welcome by Host – Michael Kennedy, Founder & CEO, Kennedys Timbers

2. Land zoning & business use changes

John White, Executive Director, Industrial Development, Queensland Government

Katrina Houghton, Manager Economic Development& Events, Moreton Bay Regional Council

John and Katrina will provide a re-cap of the history of the Narangba Industrial Estate, an insight to the tenancy changes up to the present day, and outline the zoning changes and any impact on your current or future business operations.

3. NBN

Marcello Massi, Community Affairs Manager, QLD

Marcello will update members on the rollout of NBN in the Narangba area and advise the next steps to activating and accessing NBN services.

4. Moreton Bay Innovation Awards

Regan Broadbent, Team Leader | Marketing and Communications, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Narangba innovation Precinct is a proud supporter of the inaugural Innovation Awards and naming sponsor of the Narangba innovation Precinct People’s Choice Award. Regan will provide a debrief of NiP sponsorship and the impact of the Moreton Bay Innovation Awards

5. Group Activity Updates

  • Lean Skills Development & Implementation Program
  • E3 voltage stabiliser technology demo at Ridleys
  • Our Narangba
  • NiP Schools roadshow/work experience – event planned for mid-2016
  • Circular Economy event – 3 December, Transpacific, Narangba

6. NiP membership

James Niven, Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT)

“Collaborating to compete” is creating value for Narangba businesses. James will remind NiP businesses how you can join the membership group being administered by MBRIT.  16 businesses have already completed membership forms.

Next Meeting: 26 April 2016

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