Welcome to RDA Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Region’s Chambers of Commerce & BPW Collaborate

Under the leadership of Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay, the region’s Chambers of Commerce and Business & Professional Women (BPW) networks meet on a quarterly basis.

The meetings provide an opportunity to:


  • Promote the spirit of collaboration and connection for mutual benefit
  • Provide an environment of trust to share knowledge, information, best practice, challenges and opportunities, and to develop joint initiatives
  • Provide a platform for advocacy at a community and regional level to support business and economic development
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of business and economic development strategies and programs
  • Updated on pertinent government policy and programs
  • Engaged and updated on the priorities and activities of the support organisations listed below
  • Support the professional development of the presidents, vice presidents and committee members of these organisations
  • Working together to provide resources and value adding to member businesses.


Attendees also benefit from organisational updates from CCIQ, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT).


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For Further Information and to Join

Membership is open to all businesses regardless of size and sector! To connect to a Chamber of Commerce covering your business location click on the images below:

Moreton Bay Region Chambers of Commerce are proudly supported by:

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