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Digital Readiness Study

Commissioned by Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland and Atmail, the 2013 Digital Readiness Study reviews how businesses are preparing for their transition into the digital economy and is designed to help gain an understanding of the challenges facing businesses as digital commerce, social media, global competition and changing customer expectations alter the way in which businesses trade.


Industry Employment Projections for the Five Years to November 2018

Each year, the Department of Employment produces employment projections by industry, occupation and region for the following five-year period. These employment projections are designed to provide a guide to the future direction of the labour market, however, like all such exercises, they are subject to an inherent degree of uncertainty.



OECD Skills Outlook 2013

The first OECD Skills Outlook presents the initial results of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills, which evaluates the skills of adults in 22 OECD and 2 non-OECD partner countries. The survey was designed to provide insights into the availability of some key skills and how they are used at work and at home through the direct assessment of key information processing skills: literacy, numeracy and problem-solving in technology-rich environments. The book examines the social and economic context, the supply of key information processing skills, who has these skills at what level, the supply of and demand for these skills in the labour market, the acquisition and maintenance of skills over a lifetime, and how proficiency in these skills translates into better economic and social outcomes.


Teleworking, Employee Productivity and Wellbeing

This project explored perceptions, issues and key considerations that relate to productivity and wellbeing of hybrid teleworkers in Australia. Hybrid telework is a way of work in which teleworkers work between one and two days from a location other than the workplace; in most cases this means working from home.  Results relating to individual and team productivity were positive and indicate that telework is a viable alternative to face-to-face work that can yield productive outcomes for both employers and employees.

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