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5 Minutes with Attollo Australia

Fresh from taking out the Innovation of the Year category at the 2017 Moreton Bay Innovation Awards, RDA Moreton Bay managed to have a quick catch-up with Attollo Australia’s Managing Director Stefan Marschner.

What does Innovation mean to Attollo Australia? 

Innovation is a mind set that is installed in Attollo’s culture, from sales through engineering to production.  Innovation is not just an idea, it is a continual process that needs to be adopted with an attitude of challenging current norms and a focus on commercial success.

Why should companies in the Moreton Bay region embrace Innovation?

We are inundated with new thinking and new technologies, access to information has never been better.  Finding value and selling this value is where profits can be made.  Australian business is built on solving problems and our region has a huge opportunity to grow by being smarter.

Best piece of advice to companies thinking of implementing an innovation culture or activities into their organisation.

Innovation is a word that is used a lot and can quickly cost businesses if a clear ‘end goal’ is not established.  Having strong processes, identifying real value for your customer, fixing the ‘scope of work’ and promoting a confidence that ‘we all have an opinion on how to improve’ is key to me.

Attollo Australia Pty Ltd is proud to be a member of the Narangba Innovation Precinct (NiP).

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