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Apply for the Growing Queensland’s Companies program

This funding program supports ambitious CEOs and executives of Queensland firms with high-growth potential to lead their businesses to the next level, improving profitability and performance.


Growing Queensland’s Companies is a $1.95 million program to be delivered over two years. It will promote and support growth in up to 200 small and medium-sized Queensland companies with high-growth potential.

How to apply

Visit the Australian Centre for Business Growth to find out more information about the program and how to apply for the Growth Clinics and Growth Modules.

About the program

The Australian Centre for Business Growth has been engaged to deliver the Growing Queensland’s Companies program, which includes a Growth Clinic and Growth Modules that are focused on helping CEOs/MDs and executives lead, manage and accelerate business growth.

The program will provide the CEOs and executives of these companies with the knowledge, skills and frameworks to enable them to take their businesses to the next level.

CEO and executives will have the opportunities to work with the Centre’s world-class growth experts, gain access to growth tools, resources and support, and learn how to identify growth opportunities and overcome business challenges.

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