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Is your business eligible for AusIndustry funding?

The Australian Government, AusIndustry, currently have several grants and funding programs open for businesses to apply for.
Global Innovation Linkages (GIL)

The Global Innovation Linkages programme will support a small number of projects to assist Australian businesses and researchers to collaborate with global partners on projects with a strategic focus and leading-edge research and development. Grants of up to AU$1 million (exclusive of GST) per project will be provided over a maximum of four years.

Applications are open until 20 October 2016.
Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII)

The Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) encourages SMEs to develop innovative solutions for government policy and service delivery challenges.  The BRII programme provides critical early stage support for testing new ideas, developing pathways to market, and helps small and medium businesses establish a track record of providing products and services to Government.

The first challenges are:

  • On-the-spot technology for measuring pyrethroid surface residue
  • Tracking the effect and value of information products
  • Digitally enabled community engagement in policy and programme design
  • Improve transparency and reliability of water market information
  • Sharing information nationally to ensure child safety

Under a two-step process, businesses can submit proposals for ideas that address the challenges.  Successful applicants will receive grants of up to $100,000 to develop ideas and test feasibility over three months.

The most successful ideas may then be eligible for a further grant of up to $1 million to develop a prototype or proof of concept over the following 18 months.

Importantly, the small and medium businesses will retain the IP and the right to commercialise their ideas in Australia and overseas.
Cooperative Research Centre Programme – Projects Stream (CRC-P)

Collaborations between industry and researchers can now apply for funding through CRC Projects to develop products, services or processes that will help solve problems for Australian industries across a range of sectors.

The CRC-P funding stream supports short term, industry-identified and industry-led collaborative research projects that will solve problems for industry and deliver tangible outcomes and commercial benefits.

Grants of up to $3 million for terms of up to 3 years are available. Applications are open to all industry sectors, and competition is expected to be strong. Applicants are collaborations between industry and researchers but may also include government agencies and community groups.

Applications for round two funding close at 5pm (AEDT) on Wednesday, 26 October 2016.
Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE)

Grant funding available up to $250,000 to support outreach projects aimed at girls and women to foster interest in STEM and entrepreneurship, to develop innovation and entrepreneurial skills, and to build professional networks.

The WISE programme provides funding for businesses, not-for-profits and research organisations to support outreach programmes that target girls and women to:

–          encourage their interest in entrepreneurship

–          develop their innovation and entrepreneurial skills

–          build their professional networks.

The programme also provides funding to identify and celebrate STEM role models in science and research, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership to inspire school-age girls.

Applications are open until 6 October 2016

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