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Help Shape the Future of Innovation in the Moreton Bay Region

Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT) has successfully secured funding under the Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP).

ARIP aims to turn regions into hubs for innovation and enterprise. It will enable local entrepreneurs, business leaders and key industries to collaborate closely with government to harness innovation and unlock business potential, strengthen existing industries and prepare regional Queenslanders for jobs of the future.

The intention is to build networks of innovative communities across the state that reflect the diversity of Queensland’s regions, draw people together and boost grassroots activities.

MBRIT has been assigned as the lead organisation for the Moreton Bay Region under the ARIP program. They are conducting an audit of the region to understand the current innovation ecosystem and the strategic opportunities for innovation growth.


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You are invited to take a brief survey, so MBRIT can gain a better understanding of who is operating in the Moreton Bay Region ecosystem, and ensure that organisations are not missing opportunities to benefit from ARIP.

To complete the short survey, click here.


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