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Launch of the Sweetest Job campaign a huge success!

The Sweetest Job campaign was launched last Thursday 26th May by Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Alan Sutherland and Adrian Raedel, Councillor for Division 12.

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Post launch the campaign has attracted a huge amount of publicity on multiple media channels, including television, radio, print media and social media.

The Sweetest Job campaign has on offer 6000+ strawberry field jobs for the upcoming strawberry picking season in the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions.  Hundreds of interested job seekers flooded the campaign website thesweetestjob.com.au overnight after the launch, making the event a huge success for the industry and project partners RDA Moreton Bay and the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Councils.

The applicants can all expect to be contacted in the coming week and those suited to the strawberry picking and packing work will likely find themselves on a farm within the fortnight, according to director of The JobShow, Kris McCue.

“Once we determine people are keen and it’s an appropriate job for them, we’ll get them out to meet the growers,” he said.

“We’ll try to get them out to farms in close proximity to where they live.

“It’s been a fantastic response.”

Moreton Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland said it was an opportunity for locals in need of some extra cash to take ownership of the region’s biggest industry.

The Caboolture district makes up 50 per cent of the Queensland strawberry industry.

“6000 jobs can’t be sneezed at. It’s seasonal but if you’re not doing anything and you’re not working, what a way to make some income,” Cr Sutherland said.

“Ten years ago it was locals that came out and helped out and I’d like to see a return to that.

“I just think its a fantastic opportunity for people who are struggling to make ends meet to get a little bit of cash and move on.”

For those interested in one of more than 6000 strawberry jobs, register at thesweetestjob.com.au.

Articles originally appeared in Quest Newspapers and the Sunshine Coast Daily.


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