Welcome to RDA Moreton Bay

Meet our new RDA Moreton Bay Director Nette Griggs!

Meet the new Director of RDA Moreton Bay, Annette (Nette) Griggs.

Nette Griggs has had an extensive career in local and state government and the community sector in different parts of Australia including areas as diverse as the City of Sydney and Woomera in the South Australian outback and East Timor. She has managed a wide variety of services and facilities and she has led significant organisational change agendas and participated in contentious urban renewal projects.

Returning home to Queensland in 2007, Nette took up the position of CEO in a Moreton Bay community organisation, contributing to significant changes in their operation and funding model and building strong local, state and federal government partnerships.  In late 2011 after a short contract of six months returning to local government in the outback, Nette took up a position working with Queensland Health Metro North Hospital and Health Service in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Unit.

A board member of the Moreton Bay based Our Village Foundation since its inception Nette moved initially to a newly created CEO position in July 2014 and then most recently to both a Board and operational Director positions with Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism.

Nette is looking forward to working with the RDAMB Board to progress the new RDA Charter and building on the work and outcomes accomplished by Andrew and Jason over the past few years.

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