Moreton Ventures is the new Innovation portal for the Moreton Bay Region.

To be based at North Lakes, Moreton Ventures is a not-for-profit association focused on promoting innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and cultivating local investment to create employment and business opportunities that will drive the region into the future.

Partnered with Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay, MBRIT, Council and North Lakes Chamber of Commerce, the aim is to bring together existing businesses to assist them retool for the changing world, as well, supporting new and potentially global businesses take root and power into the future.

Moreton Ventures is founded by Simon Horne, a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who spent the best part of the last 15 year founding and building startup businesses around the world particularity in Asia and the US. In that journey, he made good in Silicon Valley where he helped take an idea to an $US1Billion business in 5 years. Now back home, he is engaged in local venture capital activities and an active member of the South-East Queensland Angel Investment community. With his international experience and contacts, Simon has the ability to bring the world to Moreton Bay.

Starting later this year with an ATO approved accelerator program, Moreton Ventures will be looking for and preparing the next “big tech” things. The 90 day program will help qualifying startups from around the region and beyond, find their mojo, find their market and put them in front of real angel and local investors. There will also be an opportunity for locals to dip into their SMSF and make potentially lucrative tax effective early-stage investments for their future as well as for the region.

Following on early next year, Moreton Ventures will be opening Moreton Bay’s first Innovation hub centrally located at North Lakes. The hub will provide economic work space and mentoring support to our local entrepreneurs, helping them turn their ideas into viable investable businesses. Through our partnership with the regional chamber of commerce, Moreton Ventures will be able to offer support services and courses to existing businesses helping them refresh, adapt and evolve in an ever changing business environment.

While there is a lot of talk about innovation by the state and federal governments, Moreton Ventures will be the local portal to access these services and programs for our region. Whether you are a new or existing business or an interested local investor, Moreton Ventures will be your local innovation gateway.  E-mail Moreton Ventures at

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