Narangba – Centre of Innovation!


On 3 September, Roy Gripsky & Sons, an innovative business in their own right, played host to the launch of the Moreton Bay Innovation Awards (MBIA) and a celebration of the re-naming of the Narangba Industrial Estate to the Narangba innovation Precinct (NiP).

The MBIA is a collaborative innovation program that will identify businesses and individuals developing new and innovative products and processes in the Moreton Bay region.

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The Narangba innovation Precinct or NiP for short is a thriving hub of innovation with world-class engineering facilities & sustainable businesses continually striving to reduce emissions and recycle waste.

The rebranded reflects the revolution of modern technology that has advanced the local industrial landscape.

“These companies generate much of the wealth and employment in our local area, and hence are vitally important for the community. They provide future opportunities for Narangba’s growing population, particularly that of our growing school children population.” Bob Harvey, Ridley Aqua-Feed.

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