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Narangba innovation Precinct offer global opportunities for local Students

50 business and school leaders met on Wednesday evening at Narangba Valley State High School to ‘open their eyes’ to the local employment possibilities and amazing talent being nurtured locally.

The variety and global potential of local employment opportunities was showcased at the Local Schools Connect Program hosted by the Narangba Innovation Precinct.

Toxfree gave an example of how their services stretched to chemical stockpile destruction in Syria and Pakton Technologies shared a story where their award winning electric fence technologies are used in Antarctica.

“It was a great opportunity that opened the eyes of many of us who were blissfully unaware of the diversity and range of industries on our doorstep” commented Barry Duncan, North Lakes State College.

Mark Hourigan, Packer Leather said “Well done with the School Connect program.  The “speed dating” worked a treat, by and large all the schools were all blown away by what we do here.  There was significant interest in our operations as a practical example of science in action.  Not just on the laboratory and chemistry side but also the environmental aspect.

The event made it clear that a local career does not necessarily mean a limited career and that career pathways from bull riding to engineering are now available in our own backyard. It is hoped that uniting the great work in youth employment which is already underway by these local leaders individually, will result in a greater awareness of these opportunities within the student community.

The audience listened to numerous experiences about engineering students, chemistry graduates and manufacturing apprenticeships, emphasising that the world is no longer the oyster for youths living in Narangba. Even if university is not on their list local business leaders made it clear that there are still great employment options.

“Businesses aren’t necessarily looking for the academic elite.” Said Mr Jon Harry, Horton Media. “While there are positions available for highly trained academics, there are also positions available that can be filled by consciences, hardworking individuals who may not necessarily be the top performing student.”

The presentation and networking sparked a more personal connection between industry and education leaders and was the first of many Local Schools Connect Programs to be held in Narangba with the support of program partners Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay and Moreton Bay Industry & Tourism.

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