Anthony Dow

Business Cluster Manger for RDA Moreton Bay, Anthony Dow, will be saying goodbye to RDA to take up his new role as Economic Development Manager at Noosa Regional Council.

This is an exciting and challenging opportunity that fits on a number of levels for Anthony and his family, especially as they are based on the Sunshine Coast and involved in the Noosa community.

For two years, Anthony has been working with the great businesses, people and communities of the Moreton Bay region, efforts which have resulted in the placement of residents into employment, and the formation of alliances and partnerships that Anthony is confident will lead to further employment and more sustainable businesses in the future.

Anthony would like to thank all businesses and industry stakeholders he has worked with during his time at RDA Moreton Bay for their belief in the philosophy of collaboration, as he knows how challenging running a small business can be – that it’s often a matter of survival and ‘collaborating to compete’ can be a stretch.

RDA Moreton Bay is committed to the continued development of the existing business cluster groups, and requests your support and patience during a period of recruitment for a replacement Business Cluster Manager. In the interim, Andrew Quain, Executive Officer, RDA Moreton Bay will be the contact person for the business cluster groups.

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