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Seeking Innovative Solutions to Help Preserve the Great Barrier Reef

A $2 million challenge to innovators is seeking novel solutions to boost coral abundance on the Great Barrier Reef and restore reefs exposed to the impacts of a changing climate.

Solutions can focus on anything from reducing the exposure of corals to physical stressors, to boosting coral regeneration rates by cultivating reef-building coral larvae that attract other important marine species.

Responses need to be cost-effective and deliver a step-change in ambition and scale of reef recovery as well as keep in mind the Traditional Owners and multiple users of the Reef.

An information session for this challenge is scheduled for 8 February 2018. This session will provide an opportunity to ask questions of challenge experts, and network with other potential applicants who may be ideal partners to address the challenge – Find out more and register your attendance.

This challenge is jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Queensland Government and is being run through the Advance Queensland Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative.

Applications close 6 March 2018, and are open to organisations located anywhere in the world. More information, including the full challenge statement, is available online at the Advance Queensland’s SBIR website at advance.qld.gov.au/sbir

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