RDA on Q launch

Have you read the the launch issue of our Queensland focussed RDA newsletter ‘RDA on Q’ yet?

The ‘RDA on Q January 2017’ newsletter will highlight the achievements and role of the Queensland RDA partnerships and what the RDAs do for the National and State economy and local communities.

The 12 Queensland RDA Committees work collaboratively to identify common issues, priorities and strategies relating to both Australian and State Government programs and policies.

Queensland comprises of 78 local governments. The number of local government authorities per RDA region can range from 1 to 21. All Queensland RDAs either have local council representatives on their committees or meet with their council’s regularly. All RDAs have informal arrangements with their local councils and the majority have conducted joint events and programs together.

Queensland RDAs regularly consult with elected representatives from all levels of government, Federal departments and agencies, local governments and community leaders to synchronise priorities for the region.

The RDAs in Queensland are deeply involved in regional funding applications and are often the first port of call relating to funding from all avenues both public and private. This is because the RDAs represent all corners of Queensland. After almost seven years, the Queensland RDAs are firmly embedded in their regions and across borders. RDAs work collaboratively with all levels of government and have built a credible and successful structure that adds value and knowledge to all regions.

Read RDA on Q launch issue


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