Calling all start-ups in the North Brisbane area: equip yourself with knowledge of what your individual intellectual property (IP) is and how you can use IP to benefit your business.

This workshop is open to the public.


About the workshop

This workshop is a short intensive workshop designed to help you understand the basics of intellectual property (IP). Specifically, we will be looking at how IP can give your business a competitive advantage.

‘For many start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, IP is the difference between success and failure.’

Competing with larger established business requires new and disruptive innovation. Much of that creativity and innovation can be protected with registered IP like patents for inventions, trade marks for brands, and designs for the way a product looks.



When: Tuesday 22 November 2016
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Venue: 10 The Corso, North Lakes (Meeting Room 2)
Cost: FREE

Light refreshments are provided.


Here’s what you can expect

The workshop will give you the tools you need to understand:
• the basics of intellectual property
• the role IP Australia can play in helping you protect your business ideas.

Trade marks
• What is a trade mark.
• What can be trade marked.
• How trade marks could benefit your business.
• The difference between your business name, domain name, company name and trade mark.

• What is a patent.
• What can be patented.
• How a patent could benefit your business.
• Understand the different types of patent protection.
• What to consider before you invest in a trade mark or patent.
• How to research and develop a trade mark or patent application.


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