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Starting Up in Moreton Bay Region

StartUp Moreton Bay Region Region is a project designed to help people move their idea for a small business from concept to practice.

The 2017 delivery kicked off with an intensive Choose Your Own Adventure Weekend at the Yuraba Conference Centre at Eaton’s Hill on 11th and 12th February, and participants will meet fortnightly for full weekend days of training interspersed with online exchanges and peer-driven mentoring meetings.

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The program follows the successful delivery of the same program in 2016. This year’s participants are again coming from very different backgrounds, with a variety of ideas and interests including photojournalism, horticulture and wellbeing, arts and art therapy, physical literacy for children, strengthening a women’s centre, education in reuse-recycling, and engineering.

The project is funded by RDA Moreton Bay Region and Advance Queensland and is once more delivered by Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. Edgeware’s slogan is ‘Make Money, Have Fun, Change the World’, which indicates the value for small business of financial viability, personal meaning and commitment, and social responsibility and contribution.

Over the four month life of the project, participants learn 17 simple decision-making tools that enable them to populate a one page plan based on a carefully considered strategic direction. They also undertake a small practical pilot project to test their ideas, receiving constant feedback from Edgeware and, very importantly, their peers and fellow travellers.

They also receive the Certificate III in Micro Business Operations (BSB30315), which is mapped to the Edgeware toolset. The completion of this Start Up program will be celebrated in June by a public event which will share the outcomes and documentation of this project.

Information on this year’s project, as well as documentation from the 2016 delivery, can be seen at startupmoretonbayregion.net and on this website.

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