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WEBINAR: IP in a Digital Age – are you covered?

Today, too many people are unaware or confused or willing to dismiss the rights of IP owners as overly restrictive or unfair, and approach the digital world with the erroneous belief that every item they encounter is in the public domain.

One of the virtues of the digital age is its reach: the ability to widely distribute digital works faster and less expensively than ever before. There is great value in being able to communicate to millions of people. But there is also a downside in that the rights of the content owners are all too easily infringed, often without the knowledge of the infringer.

The interpretation and applicability of the law to the digital realm has increased dramatically in volume and complexity since the early 1990’s. In developing and applying the law, the open access movement must be balanced against the ability of innovators to protect themselves from copying in order to recoup their development costs so that innovators do not lose the drive to provide new technology and tools.

In this webinar, CCIQ hope to provide a basic understanding of what laws exist in relation to the digital world and how they touch our lives everyday, with or without us realising it.

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