The media world is rapidly moving online – and this presents some exciting new opportunities for business owners to get more exposure than ever before.

Getting your message in front of your target market now means a mix of working with journalists, bloggers and influencers.


Online media fast facts

• Women’s blog site Mamamia has 3.75 million unique visitors (mostly women) every month
• The biggest growth areas for online media is people browsing content about money and finance
• is Australia’s biggest online news site with 3.72 million visitors who spend on average 1 hour and 40 minute on the site each day

Never worked with a blogger to get free promotion for your business? Not sure what an influencer is? Never worked with a journalist in traditional media?

Learn from journalist and blogging expert Sue Papadoulis who’ll show you how to access the world of online media to get more clients and sales.


What you’ll learn

How to work with journalists in digital news, TV, newspapers, magazines and radio – how have things changed in thedigital era and how it means you can get even more exposure
The importance of working with bloggers – who are they, how can they help you, and how do you approach them
The rise of the ‘influencer’ – what is an influencer, how do they promote businesses, and how do you get them to promote you
The value of ‘opinion pieces’ in news – what are they, who wants them, how to get yours published

If you’re not working with digital media you’re missing out on a huge audience.

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