Work closer to home! Boost employee productivity! Telework.


This week is National Telework Week 2013 – and what better time to get the conversation started in your organisation about teleworking!


Teleworking is working regularly from another place other than the office, in most cases working at home or from a third workspace such as a Digital Work Hub or Cowork Centre.


This third workspace utilises information and communications technology to stay connected to your usual work colleagues and office systems.


Teleworking has so many benefits, including:


– boosting employee productivity

– reduction in operational costs

– reduction in staff absenteeism

– increased job satisfaction and improved work/life balance

– financial savings and reduced stress due to a reduced daily commute


Find out more about the benefits of teleworking


Find out how to get started in teleworking


Get the figures on how much you can save by teleworking


Be part of National Telework Week 2013 and find out more about teleworking

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