Priority Three – Building Better Businesses

The focus is to support business growth through collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

A stronger, engaged and better supported business community will improve business confidence, and enhance an environment encouraging investment, innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation.

RDA Moreton Bay continues to focus on building collaborative business clusters and networks to support business growth.


Recognising the importance to support residents to follow their entrepreneurial dreams and create their own businesses, RDA Moreton Bay has partnered with Edgware Creative Entrepreneurship and Advance Queensland to provide training, mentoring and peer support to enable residents to create their own new businesses.



Moreton Bay Regional Council launched the Innovation Awards* during 2015 to recognise and reward innovating businesses from across the region.

The Innovation Network provides ongoing support to regions innovating businesses and links them in to government programs and investor networks.

A testament to the increased profile of the level of innovation capacity and capability across the region, was the allocation through Advance Queensland of $500k from the Advancing Regional Innovation Program. The funding will enable RDA Moreton Bay, MBRIT and project partners to continue to build the innovation and entrepreneurial eco-system across the region during 2017-20.

Business Excellence & Innovation Awards

The awards aim to support commercialisation, business development and collaboration across the region.

Recognising leaders and innovators, and providing businesses with a unique opportunity to benchmark their performance against other like businesses.

The awards will replace the Innovation Awards from 2017/18.

Business Conference Series

During 2017/18, MBRIT will be organising four full day business forums, consisting of concurrent professional development and information workshops followed by a networking lunch with high profile guest speakers.

Business Cluster / Network Development

Business Cluster Development

RDA Moreton Bay has taken a leadership role to initiate and manage business cluster development across business precincts and key sectors, including:

  • Narangba innovation Precinct (Manufacturing)
  • Moreton Technology Alliance (Digital technology and ICT)
  • Agribusiness – strawberry sector
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Marine.


This activity is complimentary to the following and related activities of partner organisations, including:

  • Food Tourism & Trails – MBRIT/MBRC
  • Bio Medical & Life Sciences, Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Mining Equipment, Technology & Services – Dept. of State Development
  • Study Moreton Bay – MBRIT/MBRC.


Business clusters generate:

  • More employment
  • Higher economic growth
  • Higher wages
  • Better productivity
  • Higher levels of innovation
  • Increased levels of entrepreneurship
  • Attract more investment/new industries emerge
  • Higher patent levels (indication of innovation).

Professional Services Network

The premise is to support the professional services sector to support their clients to ‘Build Better Businesses’ through:

  • Enhanced knowledge and access to government programs
  • Connections with government agencies, including RDA Moreton Bay
  • Networking across the sector.

International Trade

Export market development is a key component of the Moreton Bay regional economy – both domestically and internationally.

RDA Moreton Bay in partnership with MBRC, MBRIT, Austrade (Tradestart) and the Queensland Government have established the Moreton Bay Region Export Network to support the region’s exporting businesses, and those considering international trade.


The collaborative network focuses on:

• Building export capacity and capability
• Promotion of government agencies and services
• Sharing of knowledge, skills and information through collaboration with other businesses.

Narangba Innovation Precinct

Narangba innovation Precinct (NiP) is a precinct of 200+ businesses, mainly manufacturing creating significant employment opportunities and economic value for the region.

The RDA has facilitated the re-branding of the precinct, and supporting businesses to collaborate, including accessing funding for workforce development projects.

Food, Beverage & Agribusiness

The data above formed the basis for a regional approach by RDA Moreton Bay, MBRIT and MBRC to support the growth and development of the regions food, beverage and agribusiness production sectors.


RDA Moreton Bay successful launched the Sweetest Jobs Campaign during 2016, to assist growers to recruit local labour in response to the downturn in ‘back packer’ labour following the proposed ‘back packer tax’. During 2017, the project will be run again with funding from Skilling Queenslanders for Work, and will also be extended to recruitment and training supporting employment in the food and beverage production sector, and wider agribusiness sector.

Food, Beverage & Agribusiness Network

A food, beverage and agribusiness cluster will also be further developed by the RDA in partnership with MBRIT and MBRC during 2017-18, and will include regional business development opportunities across food trails, Queens Wharf and the Commonwealth Games.

Digital Technology

Digital technologies including broadband services can help regions to create better futures, enhance their competitiveness, realise their visions and pursue their priorities.

The most successful regions are those that adopt a strategic approach, with projects and actions that match their unique local characteristics and opportunities. That is why RDA Moreton Bay partnered with MBRC and the Queensland Government to commission the region’s first Digital Futures Plan.

Digital technologies are both disruptive and transformational. They are changing our lives – how we live – how we learn – the way we work – types of industries we work for – the skills and jobs of the future – creating new industries, new opportunities and fresh challenges.

The NBN has already commenced build phase across the region, providing a competitive advantage over other regions in Australia, notwithstanding both residents and businesses have access to digital technologies through existing infrastructure, however, blackspots across the region still exist.

There is a wide variation in the adoption of digital technologies by the region’s businesses. Some businesses are using digital technologies in agile and transformational ways, but many businesses lack fundamental capacities for adopting technologies in effective ways.

RDA Moreton Bay for many years has advocated for digital commuting and Digital Hubs to enable more of the regions residents to be able to work from home or from a regional hub to avoid the daily commute, principally in to the Brisbane CBD.

The region is in a unique position to embrace SMART City thinking, including the integration of ICT and IoT across the Mill at Moreton Bay and new master planned developments, such as Caboolture West.

Moreton Bay Digital Futures Plan

This plan proposes a vision for the Moreton Bay Region’s future, enhanced by broadband and digital technologies:

The Moreton Bay Region will be a thriving region of opportunity where people and businesses in the diverse communities confidently use digital technologies to connect within and beyond the region to support prosperous, sustainable and vibrant lifestyles.

The following goals are proposed to support this vision:

Capable people: The people of the Moreton Bay Region will have the confidence, capability and access to use digital technologies to support fulfilling, creative, healthy and socially connected lives.
Connected communities: The region’s communities will actively use digital technologies to promote and celebrate their localities to residents and visitors.
Transformed work: A higher proportion of residents will work within the region through the availability of digitally equipped working spaces and in their own homes.
Thriving economy: The region’s economy will be thriving and diversifying as existing and new businesses use digital technologies to grow their market shares, to improve productivity, to enhance their knowledge resources and to build new networks of suppliers and partners.
Social inclusion: Social disadvantage and isolation will be reduced by using online services to better connect people, improve the delivery of community services and help provide people with basic skills.
Environmental sustainability: Lifestyles will be more sustainable and the understanding of the region’s natural assets and ecosystems will be higher, through the use of digital technologies, online information resources and smart infrastructure.
Access to services: The people and businesses of the region will have improved access to education, health and other services, delivered efficiently using digital technologies.

Moreton Technology Alliance

The MTA is a digital / IT business lead organisation established from the RDA Moreton Bay digital technology and media cluster.

It is in a unique position to support the growth of its own sector, but also to assist other businesses to integrate technology in to their own business operations.

The MTA is also able to take a lead role in the implementation of the region’s Digital Futures Plan, and the ongoing development of the RDA’s Digital Moreton Bay platform.

How RDA Moreton Bay Adds Value:

  • Regional lead on business cluster development
  • Established the Moreton Bay Region Chamber of Commerce & BPW Alliance, and the Economic Development Alliance
  • Initiated and delivered Start Up Moreton Bay Region
  • Leading collaborative business cluster development and management
  • Project initiation and securing funding from across government and industry
  • Creating collaboration across government, chambers of commerce and business groups
  • A lead organisation in securing Advancing Regional Innovation Program funding
  • Promotion of government programs
  • Collector of regional business intelligence
  • Advocating for business
  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

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