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The SEQ RDAs work strategically together and have employed an SEQ RDA Coordinator to present a united voice on shared issues effecting South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers of NSW, alongside a focus on six linked themes forming the SEQ Regional Development Framework:


Smart Manufacturing Specialisations

Goal: We will partner to position the region as a viable destination for manufacturing investment in specialisations that will secure and extend businesses into local and global supply chains that will be sustainable in the long-term. 


Transport and Logistics

Goal:  We will partner to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing and new transport infrastructure through improved logistics drawing on opportunities such as those provided by high capacity broadband. 


Digital Capability

Goal:  We will facilitate leadership and strategic intent to make SEQ the most digitally capable region in Australia.


Regional Indicators

Goal: We will develop an agreed set of indicators for regional development to assist in priority project identification and performance measurement.


Human Capital

Goal:  We will address regional skills shortages and employment issues and support initiatives to position the region for the Asian century.


Cross Border Projects

Goal:  We will collaborate with Northern New South Wales on projects where there is common interest.


The Framework embraces the COAG Standing Council of Regional Australia’s key determinants for regional economic growth, identifying opportunities for collaborative effort at the meta-regional level for long term sustainable economic growth.

The Framework also positions the South East Queensland region to seize the new opportunities emerging in the Asian Century as outlined in the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper.

An interim report was presented and discussed at a forum “SEQ in the Asian Century” in July 2013 – the final report was presented in August 2013.

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