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February – May 2017 

Start your new business! Make your own decisions! Become a job maker rather than a job taker!

StartUp Moreton Bay Region Region is a project designed to help people move their idea for a small business from concept to practice.

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The 2017 delivery kicked off with an intensive Choose Your Own Adventure Weekend at the Yuraba Conference Centre at Eaton’s Hill on 11th and 12th February, and participants met fortnightly for full weekend days of training interspersed with online exchanges and peer-driven mentoring meetings.

SU 17 workshop sm

Choose Your Own Adventure Weekend

The program follows the successful delivery of the same program in 2016. This year’s participants again came from very different backgrounds, with a variety of ideas and interests including photojournalism, horticulture and wellbeing, arts and art therapy, physical literacy for children, strengthening a women’s centre, education in reuse-recycling, and engineering.

SU 17 group 2

Startup Moreton Bay Region’s 2017 participants, with Michael and Ludmilla Doneman (second from back right, second from front right)

New businesses started from the Startup Moreton Bay Region last year include: Frozen berries, Wild pistachio coffee, NGO/ T-shirt publications, Composting/recycling education, Recycling with heavy machinery, Holiday boat rentals, ‘Chakra balance’ health services, Railway parking app, Website building and marketing for small businesses, Branding and corporate identity, Fisheries association, ‘Share economy’ services. Edgeware courses are practical, flexible and very responsive to the various needs of people wanting to start their own business. And they’re fun!

The project is funded by RDA Moreton Bay Region and Advance Queensland and is once more delivered by Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. Edgeware’s slogan is ‘Make Money, Have Fun, Change the World’, which indicates the value for small business of financial viability, personal meaning and commitment, and social responsibility and contribution.

Over the four month life of the project, participants learnt 17 simple decision-making tools that enable them to populate a one page plan based on a carefully considered strategic direction. They also undertook a small practical pilot project to test their ideas, receiving constant feedback from Edgeware and, very importantly, their peers and fellow travellers.

They also received the Certificate III in Micro Business Operations (BSB30315), which is mapped to the Edgeware toolset. The completion of this Start Up program was celebrated on Sunday 18 June 2017 with a public event which shared the outcomes and documentation of this project.

Michael McMahon one of the participants from last year says:  “One thing that really stood out for me was that the program was very engaging and accessible. I liked the interactive nature of the delivery. Extremely high quality and good value. “

Information on this year’s project, as well as documentation from the 2016 delivery, can be seen at startupmoretonbayregion.net.

Program Gradudates Celebration Event

The completion of this Start Up program was celebrated on Sunday 18 June 2017 with a public event which shared the outcomes and documentation of this project.  20 businesses have so far completed the program with new innovative businesses.



Queensland Government Advance Queensland funding contributed towards the Program, read the Media Statement here.



February – May 2016 

Startups Started Starting Up!


The highly anticipated Startup Moreton Bay Region program kicked off on the weekend of the 6th and 7th February, 2016 at Yuraba at Eatons Hill funded by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay and the Queensland Government.

Under the guidance of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship, fourteen participants (13 businesses) worked a very intensive (and intense) weekend of activities called ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.


Over the weekend they met and bonded through Edgeware’s unique approach to team building, which involved three teams collaboratively cooking a ‘tag team dinner’ (starting just with a fridge full of cooking ingredients, each group had 25 minutes and no possibility of communication with other groups). And then, like so much more of the weekend, sharing the superb meal that somehow emerged from the chaos.

We also shared stories of triumph and disaster, to understand the importance of risk and resilience in business building. We were introduced to Edgeware’s cutting-edge business building tools, and the way they combine to form a One Page Business Plan. We were given permission to be playful and think sideways about things. ‘Where,’ repeats the entrepreneur, again and again, ‘are the opportunities here?’


The startup businesses engaged in the program are diverse and exciting, including several in the field of food and beverage production, processing and value-adding, as well as fisheries diversification and marketing, IT design, graphic design, financial services, NGO services, publishing and heavy machinery recycling. Oh, and Kurdish pistachio coffee that has aphrodisiac qualities!

We emerged from the weekend exhausted, exhilirated and looking forward to the coming weeks. On May 28, when the RDA will host a major Launch Event, the region will have the opportunity to see and brave new swathe of innovative enteprises built from scratch and with their sights on the stars – and look for them also in the next wave of Moreton Region Innovation Awards!

Graduation of the Program Participants

Program participants (fondly named “Edgies”!) showcased their businesses with trade stalls at the Inspiring Leaders Luncheon held by Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) and RDA Moreton Bay on Friday 9 July.  The achievements and graduation of the group were also officially acknowledged during the event:


About the Startup Moreton Bay Program

The Moreton Bay Region is now the third largest local government area in Australia based on population behind Brisbane City Council and Gold Coast City Council. By 2031, the region’s population is estimated to grow to over 585,000. The region’s population is currently greater than the Northern Territory and by 2031 will be larger than Tasmania!

This population growth is driving significant investment in infrastructure, including the $1.1bn Moreton Bay Rail Link, alongside unparrelled investment in new housing and community infrastructure, and is also attracting considerable new business investment, including by Costco and Ikea.

It is this significant growth in population, which is creating increasing demand for a wider range and diversity of employment choices. The opportunity for residents of the Moreton Bay Region to start their own businesses is compelling.

RDA Moreton Bay and the Queensland Government jointly funded the Start Up Moreton Bay Region program which ran from February to May 2016.  The Start Up Program was delivered by Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship.

The program enabled residents of the Moreton Bay Region to start in business – the right way! And by doing so significantly assisted an aspiring entrepreneur to build their own future!

The program was delivered to 12-15 entrepreneurs from the Moreton Bay Region, who were looking to start businesses with growth potential in the next 12 months. These businesses are in key business sectors related to the region’s economy, such as, IT, Health, Manufacturing, Sustainable Construction and other emerging sectors.

Program Booklet

Representing workshop participants, supporters and funding providers, this booklet summarises the Build Your Business workshops held in the Moreton Bay Region in February-May 2016.

These workshops offer a fresh and inspiring approach to starting up, changing or growing a small business. Edgeware offers simple, flexible and effective planning tools in a supportive, positive and creative atmosphere. Because we see the value in each individual undertaking a unique pathway, training with us can make a real difference not only to what you know and what you do, but who you are!

View the booklet



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