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A sustainable business strategy for the Moreton Bay region

Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay commissioned NACC Sustainability and the University of Southern Queensland to design a strategy for the Moreton Bay region which will support businesses which want to be more financially viable through the wise use of sustainable business activities.

View the Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Strategy.

RDA Moreton Bay and Moreton Bay Regional Council will be working in 2013-14 to implement the strategy with the region’s businesses.

Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Network Event Series

The first action from the strategy is the 2014 Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Network Event Series.  A series of four network events from March – July 2014, these events will assist businesses in becoming more sustainable through an informative and face-to-face network event series.

Find out more and register for the series

Why a sustainable business strategy?

 A sustainable business is one that values and implements economic, social and environmental practices in order to become more profitable, sustain business activity in the long-term, retain and attract valuable staff and also reduce impacts on the environment.

Sustainable business practices can include being efficient in the use of resources such as water, electricity, consumable goods and transport and also minimization of waste. Sustainable businesses also value and treat their employees fairly and make a positive contribution to their community.

Benefits of being a sustainable business:

  •  Streamline operations and reduce overhead costs
  • Improve resource efficiency and increase productivity of employees
  • Retain and attract valuable staff by being an ethical business
  • Survive through energy and water price increases and other economic and environmental shocks
  • Reduce negative impacts on our region’s fragile environment.


Sustainable businesses can access new markets and business opportunities:

  •  Marketing their sustainable efforts to consumers as a unique selling point
  • Complying with environmental management systems required by businesses higher in the supply chain and being able to tender for new work
  • Implementing resource and time-efficient practices to produce more highly cost competitive products and services
  • Exploring the option of expansion into the fast-growing sustainable product and service supply markets.


An efficient and sustainable business is simply a smart business!


Neil Hoddinett, Chair of RDA Moreton Bay, states that “In the July 2012 Moreton Bay Business Confidence Survey, 60% of businesses that responded indicated that rising overhead costs continue to be the largest constraint to business growth in the Moreton Bay region. There were also concerns over the Carbon Tax, price pressure from competitors and rising production costs. The Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Strategy will be designed to deliver a toolkit of actions that businesses can undertake to address these concerns”.

Sustainable Business Forum

For a report on the Sustainable Business Forum click here.



 Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Group


Connect with other businesses that want to be sustainable


The Sustainable Business Forum attendees indicated that they would like to be part of a group of businesses committed to becoming more sustainable so that they could share ideas, successes (and failures!), resources and information with each other.

RDA Moreton Bay will be assisting in the creation of a Linked In Group dedicated to Moreton Bay businesses that want to be more sustainable.


Click here to join the Linked In group


If you are part of a business located in the Moreton Bay region and would like to become a member of the free Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Group, complete the following form to register.

You will be updated by e-mail and Linked In in regards to Sustainable Business activities and resources available as part of the Sustainable Business Strategy.


Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Group Registration

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