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In 2010, Access Economics found that if 10% of Australian employees were to telework 50% of the time, total annual productivity gains would be in the order of $1.4bn to $1.9bn per year by reducing commute times, office space and staff turnover.


Teleworking means working for part of the time away from the normal workplace and utilises information and communications technology to stay connected to colleagues and work systems.


Over 101,000 residents commute outside of the Moreton Bay region to work each day or nearly 58% of the resident workforce! (ABS, 2011).  This trend is set to increase significantly spurred on by population growth and a reliance on Brisbane for employment, especially for white collar jobs.

By promoting flexible working RDA Moreton Bay aims to reduce the numbers making the daily commute, improve business productivity, reduce congestion and carbon emissions and promote regional sustainability.

For Employers


Teleworking can improve productivity in your business and to provide employees with a more flexible and balanced way of working.

The benefits experienced by teleworking employees can flow back to your business in a range of ways:

  • Significant increases in employee productivity due to factors such as a quieter work environment with fewer distractions, more efficient meetings, and less commuting time
  • A broader employment pool with employees being able to work remotely from where your office is located: employees in broader demographic and geographic locations can be reached, and people with physical disabilities who cannot use public transport or who have carer responsibilities can also be employed
  • Savings on operational costs due to fewer staff working in your office, resulting in savings on rent, utilities, vehicles, parking and other costs.


For Employees


Some of the benefits employees can experience by teleworking include:

  • A reduction in the time and cost of commutin
  • Less stress from the daily commute
  • Opportunity to save money by reducing the number of household cars and other costs associated with commuting
  • Improved flexibility and time saved from the commute improves well being and work life balance
  • Flexible working promotes motivation and staff retention
  • Employees reduce green house gas emissions and promote environmental sustainability simply by commuting less.


More Information on the Benefits of Teleworking

Get Started in Teleworking



  • Teleworking Policy ExampleThis document is an example only, but may be useful in encouraging your employer and employees to start thinking about how to start a teleworking initiative in your business or place of work and develop a policy.



  • Give Feedback on Teleworking



Push to ditch travel (Redcliffe & Bayside Herald 13.11.13)

Good news!  You can telework….Sean from Northside Trusses and Frames has.

For more information visit www.telework.gov.au

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