Welcome to RDA Moreton Bay

The Moreton Bay Thinkers in Residence program is a new initiative for the region.

Based on the South Australian Government model, the program brings new ideas into the region and translates them into practical solutions to improve the economic and community well-being of the region.

The Thinker in Residence program sets out to:

  • generate new thinking
  • inspire momentum
  • provoke change
  • activate results for the people of the Moreton Bay region.

3rd – 4th December, 2012: A New Approach to Growing Our Regional Economy

A series of breakfasts and roundtables to consider and promote new ways of promoting regional economic growth through competitiveness, enterprise development, clusters and innovation hosted by Thinker in Residence: Ifor Ffowcs-Williams (Cluster Navigators www.clusternavigators.com).

5th February – 6th March, 2013: Preparing for a Digital Future

A series of breakfasts and roundtables to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented to the region by digital technologies, and to inform the development and delivery of the regions first Digital Futures Strategy hosted by Thinkers in Residence David Bartlett and Peter Croger (Explor Digital www.explor.com.au).  David Bartlett was the Premier of Tasmania between 2008-11.

25th – 27th March, 2013: Preparing for a Sustainable Business Future

 A series of Focus Group Workshops held across the Moreton Bay region to build upon the results of the sustainable business audit of the region which will inform the development of the regions first Sustainable Business Strategy.

The Workshops will determine the types of sustainable activities businesses are already undertaking or would like to undertake in the future; the influences on the business’ capacity to implement sustainable activities in their business, and what assistance would help businesses to take up more sustainable business practices.  Preparing for a Sustainable Business Future is to be hosted by Howard Nielsen (NACC Sustainability http://www.nacconsulting.com.au/) and Professor John Cole (University of Southern Queensland http://www.usq.edu.au/acsbd).

A one day Business Forum will be held on 10th April 2013 to gain feedback on the draft Strategy.


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