Australian Jobs 2018 edition is a publication that provides an overview of trends in the Australian labour market.

It provides data and information to support job seekers and providers, career advisers, those considering future training and work and people more generally interested in labour market issues.

How to use Australian Jobs

Australian Jobs allows users to explore a wide range of factors. For example, if you are thinking of a career in a particular industry you may want to look at the range of employing occupations, the main training pathways, the location of jobs and future employment prospects. It can also be used to recognise the value of higher levels of education and training, the competitive nature of the labour market and how to be a successful job applicant.

The analysis in this publication provides an introduction and overview to some of the factors which can be considered in understanding employment conditions and changes which are occurring in the labour market. It also provides links to more detailed information.

The Department of Jobs and Small Business publishes a wide range of labour market information on its website ( and on specialist websites such as the Labour Market Information Portal ( and Job Outlook (

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