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2011 Community Services Sector Review and mapping project

Community Services Sector Review and mapping project

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Community Development team is leading the facilitation of a Community Services Review in partnership with the Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay, Queensland Department of Health and Department of Communities. It is recognised that advocating for investment in a strong community service sector is crucial to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the whole community, now and into the future. A project reference group oversaw the project and included the Department of Communities (Therese Donnelly and Jennifer Scott) , QLD Health (Greg Scott), RDA Moreton Bay (Julie Bruynius), MBRC (Jodie Hampson, Toni Hutchinson and Michelle Rowe), Melinda Flemming (Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre and member of the Community Wellbeing Collective and Moreton Bay Community Consortium).Community Services Sector Review Project Fact Sheet

 The Community Services Sector Review and subsequent implementation plan/s will provide the Council with a strategic direction for further exploration in partnership with the Regions’ community service sector.

 There are 3 Phases of the project:

 Phase 1     Community Services mapping (now complete):

 This element involved the collection of data and information about the community service organisations which currently operate within Moreton Bay and/or service the Moreton Bay community, for use by the Council and its project partners with potential to link with future interactive data base or GIS mapping elements. It  included location, service provided, boundaries and so on.  As per the Queensland Council of Social Services Inc (QCOSS) Sector Profile, community service organisations include both not for profit and for profit organisations whose primary focus is to provide services for the community.   Whether large churches or small meals on wheels groups, the aim of this part of the project was to as extensively as possible, identify and Map the various community services operating within or servicing the Moreton Bay Community.

 Phase 2      Sector Engagement (Part 1 complete):

 The Part 1 engagement program took into consideration previous sector engagement activities, outcomes and reports, as well as the information contained in a range of supporting background documents, to ensure that previous engagement was taken into account, to limit duplication and to not over engage the sector.

 The aim of this phase was to report on the state of community services within the region, paying particular attention to identified gaps, level of servicing within selected communities, any duplication of services, as well as synergies and tensions.  The resulting report will clearly identify key issues and opportunities in the community service sector, with particular emphasis on social inclusion areas of focus.

  Engagement activities undertaken included:

  • Two surveys – one for workers and one for Managers/coordinators of community service organisations across the region.
  •  Mini- workshops with key regional Community Service Networks, including CALD, A&TSI, Youth, Aged, Volunteers, Community Interagencies.
  •  Smaller interviews with selected servcies groups.
  •  A Forum on 13th July , with special guest speaker Tim Costello.
  •  A key stakeholders (including Government agencies) workshop.
  •  Project newsletters.

 Phase 3    Analysis of Need and Reporting:

In this Phase the outcomes of services and engagement activities were analysed (for the purpose of the analysis, Community Services within Moreton Bay are considered to be primary services when associated with Councils community development areas of focus which are, Disability, Positive Ageing, Indigenous, Multiculural and young people.  Secondary services might include ancillary health and preventative health services, churches).  A report darfet was prepared and this was presented to the project reference group. it included outcomes, recommendations and potential actions to be considered for implementation in partnership/collaboration.

What is the latest?

Phase 1 to 3 is now complete and the consultant, Engagement Plus, has prepared a final report which has now been released (link below). There are accompanying Appendices 1 to 5 to the report also below and Appendix 5 is a feedback form for general feedback on the report.  If there is sufficient interest, it is proposed to gauge the interest in a meeting to discuss actions and collaborative partnerships to take it forward.

Community Services Sector Review (CSSR) report

Community Services Sector Review (CSSR) Appendices 1 to 5







Social Inclusion Policy (CSSR) document

Social Inclusion Profile (CSSR) document