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2011 Food & Beverage Supply Chain Project Final Report

In 2011, the Queensland Government issued a draft policy framework titled, ”Food for a growing economy”. A copy of the policy can be found at:

To research and understand implications of the above policy on the Food Industry in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Area, a collaborative project titled the Food and Beverage Supply Chain Moreton Bay project was completed. The project involved Australian Catholic University– Brisbane Campus; Moreton Bay Regional Council; Regional Development Australia – Moreton Bay and the Queensland Government.

The Food and Beverage Supply Chain Moreton Bay project aimed to enhance the Region’s economic capabilities through:

• Better support for the Food and Beverage industry in the Region,
• Improve the promotion of the Region as a location for food and beverage manufacturing and related industries,
• Identify opportunities to attract food and beverage businesses to invest in the region, and,
• Build Regional supply chains and improve local purchasing.

Approximately 2000 businesses were identified as part of the Food and Beverage Supply Chain within the Moreton Bay Region and surveyed.

For the report and results of the project, please visit the links below.

1. Food and Beverage Executive Summary 
2. Food and Beverage Summary Report 
3. Food and Beverage Conclusions and Recommendations 
4. Food and Beverage Report