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The Regional Development Australia (RDA) Moreton Bay vision for the Moreton Bay region is:

“The Moreton Bay region provides the balance of lifestyle and business opportunities in South East Queensland”

This vision statement for the region has evolved over the three plus years of operation of RDA Moreton Bay, and reflects the views of committee members both past and present and also reflects the processes of consultation and engagement across the Moreton Bay region.

This statement reflects a future-focused and sustainable region, which can meet the aspirations and needs of a rapidly growing population, and also of a region attractive to investment and future-focused to take advantage of economic, social, technological and environmental change. This vision reflects a long term aspiration for the region which is beyond the timeframe of this document.

The current committee membership also agreed that it was important that RDA Moreton Bay has its own regional vision to differentiate itself from Moreton Bay Regional Council but one which is also complimentary and captures the priorities contained in MBRC’s Community Plan 2011-2021. In this regard the Moreton Bay Regional Council Vision for the region is:

“A thriving region of opportunity where our communities enjoy a vibrant lifestyle” 

Role of Regional Development Australia within the Moreton Bay region

RDA Moreton Bay committee members have prioritised the following key actions as being representative of both the role and activities of the organisation and the committee members as they work towards achieving the long-term vision for the Moreton Bay region.

In engaging within our region in building prosperous communities, RDA Moreton Bay will be:

  • An advocate for the Moreton Bay region’s sustainable growth;
  • An enabler of innovative partnerships and solutions;
  • A consultative conduit for key issues facing the region;
  •  A collaborator in building a strong, harmonious community;
  • A champion for enhanced regional recognition and identity; and
  • A builder of cross regional partnerships.

A key role for RDA Moreton Bay will be to work across government, business and the community with key stakeholders to influence and advocate for the attainment of the vision for the region.