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Mars Australia, Seeds Of Change Accelerator Program

The Accelerator is looking for start-ups with a focus on one or more of the following areas: Sharing World Flavours, Easy Meal Solutions, Responsible Food, Creating with Care, Better for You, Plant-Based Eating, Accessing Asia, Food Manufacturing and Value Chain Transformation.
Amount Available: up to $40,000
Closing date: 19th July 2019

ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program

ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program supports a broad range of development, demonstration and pre-commercial deployment projects that can deliver affordable and reliable renewable energy for Australian families and businesses. The Program Objective is to fund Activities that contribute to one or more of the following Program Outcomes: reduction in the cost of renewable energy, increase in the value delivered by renewable energy and improvement in technology readiness and commercial readiness of Renewable Energy Technologies d. reduction in or removal of barriers to renewable energy uptake e. increased skills, capacity and knowledge relevant to Renewable Energy Technologies.
Amount Available: From $100,000 to $50,000,000, matched funding
Closing date: ongoing

Supporting a healthy pollination future grants

The Pollination Fund, part of the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative, aims to enhance and support existing pollinators, and identify the most effective pollination methods for various horticulture crop types. To help in safeguarding the horticulture industry, the Pollination Fund will identify putting practical measures in place to support honey bee health and identify and develop new pollination opportunities and techniques.
Amount Available: dependent on application
Closing date: No current closing date

Hort Frontiers – Advanced Production Systems Fund

The purpose of the Advanced Production Systems Fund is to increase farm productivity and profitability of the Australian horticulture industry by implementing R&D programs in all fruit, vegetable, amenity and nut crops to deliver “future smart farming” systems.
Amount Available: dependent on application
Closing date: Hort Innovation is continually seeking new investment opportunities. Ideas can be submitted at any time on Hort Innovation’s website

Vessel Tracking Rebate Scheme

The Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017 – 2027 outlines a ten-year reform agenda for the sustainable management of Queensland fisheries. As part of this strategy, vessel tracking capability will be required on all commercial fishing boats by 2020, with a priority to install units on net, line and crab commercial fishing boats by 1 January, 2019.
The Queensland Government Vessel Tracking Rebate Scheme offsets the costs incurred by commercial fishers to purchase and have installed approved vessel tracking units on their fishing boats.
Costs eligible for the rebate include those for the purchase and installation of approved vessel tracking units.
Amount Available: as above
Closing date: 31 December 2020

The Enterprise Solution Centre – Food/Agribusiness funding

Provides businesses with matched funding of between $2,500 and $100,000 to help them find commercialisation solutions for their novel product, process or service. Must be a food, beverage or agribusiness producer, or be a supplier to the agribusiness chain.
Amount Available: between $2,500 and $100,000
Closing date: Applications may be made at any time

Sustainability Loan QLD

Provides Queensland primary producers and commercial fishers with loans of up to $1.3 million to become more productive and sustainable.
Amount Available: up to $1.3 million
Closing date: Applications may be made at any time

Farm Management Deposits Scheme

Provides primary production businesses with tax deductions on farm management deposits to help them deal with inconsistent income from natural disasters, climate and market changes.
Amount Available: tax deductions
Closing date: Applications may be made at any time

Wine Export Grants

Wine Australia is inviting small and medium Australian wine businesses to apply for the Wine Export Grants program
Funding available: up to $25,000
Closing date: 01 May 2020

Farm Investment Loans

Farm Investment Loans – Provides farm businesses with loans of up to $1 million to help them build and maintain strong, resilient and profitable businesses
Funding available: up to $1,000,000
Closing date: 30 June 2026

Farm Management Grants QLD

Provides Queensland primary producers with a rebate of up to $2,500 to cover up to 50% of the costs to seek professional advice regarding succession planning.
Funding available: up to $2,500 each financial year
Closing date: 29 June 2019

First Start Loan-Primary producer

First Start Loans (no fees, low interest rates) can help you:
* Acquire your first farm business – can help your first steps towards achieving this goal by assisting you purchase a property or supporting your leasing or share farming arrangements.
* Become a partner in the family farm – can assist you to purchase property from your parents or other family members, or enter a family partnership.
Funding available: finance up to $2,000,000
Closing date: no current closing date

First Start Loan – Commercial Fisher

Loan can assist you in the early years of establishing your first commercial wild-catch fishing enterprise. Obtain the finance you need to enter into a wild-catch fishing enterprise or become a full-time commercial wild-catch fisher.
Funding available: finance up to $2,000,000
Closing date: no current closing date