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Through this free program CCIQ help businesses understand energy, water and waste costs and teach you to save money through sustainability initiatives. As a member of the program, you will have the opportunity to utilize our complimentary tools including: One-on-one coaching, site surveys and benchmarking support (including expert bill and expenditure assessment). Aside from these, you also have access to CCIQ suite of materials including found under hot topics, including fact sheets, webinars and our monthly newsletter to help you cut your power bill and gain water and waste management advice.
Closing Date: No current closing date

Entrepreneurs Program: Growth Services

 provides access to an independent business adviser for up to 2 years. They’ll work with you to develop a growth plan to help you realise an Australian and/or overseas growth opportunity. They’ll then mentor you as you action your plan.
Closing Date: No current end date

Entrepreneurs Program: Business Evaluation

Provides businesses with access to experienced, independent Business Advisers in order to review the business and provide a Business Evaluation Action Plan with recommended strategies for business improvement or growth. The Evaluation includes up to 12 months of mentoring to help implement the strategies.
Closing Date: No current end date

Entrepreneurs Program: Independent help and mentoring to improve your supply chain

Supply Chain Facilitation provides access to a skilled advisor for up to one year. Your advisor will work with you to develop an improvement plan for an identified supply chain opportunity. They’ll then support you as you implement the plan. Note: your annual turover needs to be over $1.5 million. 
Closing Date: No current closing date

Mentoring for Growth

Mentoring for Growth (M4G) offers eligible businesses free access to volunteer business experts who provide insights, options and suggestions relating to challenges and opportunities you are experiencing in your business.
Closing Date: No current closing date

Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader provides businesses involved in importing and exporting with an accreditation to streamline and simplify customs processes.
Closing Date: No current closing date

Injury Prevention and Management (IPaM)

Works with management to improve health and safety, and rehabilitation and return to work outcomes.
Closing Date: No current closing date

Free Apprenticeships for Under 21s QLD

Provides QLD businesses with fee-free apprenticeships when they employ an existing or new apprentice or trainee who is under 21 years of age in a priority qualification.  ‘Free’ means the Queensland Government will cover the full cost of training undertaken with a training provider. This is on top of the other possible incentives already available to support you taking an apprentice or trainee on. These include: The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program; The Queensland Government’s Back to Work program

What’s not covered?

As an employer, you’re still required to cover the costs of wages. Your apprentice or trainee may have to meet costs related to any uniform or other resources for their training.

Amount Available: No cost for apprentice training
Closing Date: Applications may be made at any time