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Business and Covid – Jeanette Jifkins


Join us for breakfast to hear from local leading experts on the most important considerations for businesses as QLD’s local and international borders open.

We have a panel of six local experts in Legal, HR, Safety, Business Continuity, Health Sector, Hospitality Sector plus the QLD Small Business Commissioner.

Our next panel member in the Meet the Panel series is Jeanette Jifkins:

Jeanette Jifkins | Onyx Legal

Jeanette will be informing you of the legal aspects in regards to COVID and the workplace.

Onyx Legal have been supporting their clients to understand how to manage COVID restrictions in the workplace with their workforces. They have also helped to provide options to businesses having challenges with customers who do not wish to comply with social distancing or mask wearing. On their website www.onyx.legal, they have published and kept updated guidance on holding AGMs, signing, witnessing and verifying identity for document signing in compliance with COVID legislation changes around the country.