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Business and Covid – Kelvin Patch


Join us for breakfast to hear from local leading experts on the most important considerations for businesses as QLD’s local and international borders open.

We have a panel of six local experts in Legal, HR, Safety, Business Continuity, Health Sector, Hospitality Sector plus the QLD Small Business Commissioner.

Each day for the next seven days we will introduce you to one of the Panel, starting with:

Kelvin Patch | CSC Group

Kelvin Patch is the CEO of the CSC Group, one of Queensland’s largest multi-sport community clubs, operating four licensed clubs, six sporting clubs and supporting hundreds of other sporting clubs, community groups and individuals every year. He has hands-on experience of a business that is dealing with COVID restrictions in a hospitality setting.

The Hospitality industry is highly regulated, where COVID compliance disrupted normal service procedures including: operating under an Industry Covid Plan; restrictions in the number of patrons per square metre; mandatory masks; mandatory cleaning protocols; not to mention closures throughout snap lockdowns. He is already preparing employees for dealing with confrontation that may arise from the divide between unvaccinated and vaccinated patrons.