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Business and Covid – Kris Spann


Join us for breakfast to hear from local leading experts on the most important considerations for businesses as QLD’s local and international borders open.

We have a panel of six local experts in Legal, HR, Safety, Business Continuity, Health Sector, Hospitality Sector plus the QLD Small Business Commissioner.

Our next panel member in the Meet the Panel series is Kris Spann:

Kris Spann | Moreton Bay Regional Council

Kris Spann is Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Local Business Resilience Officer encouraging businesses to avoid stress, uncertainty and costs by being prepared for all scenarios. 

Kris is born and raised in the Moreton Bay region and joined Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Economic Development department as Local Business Resilience Officer this year after 10 years in Sydney founding and running a number of businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Kris was at the helm of two businesses and on the board of an arts organisation when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and learnt first-hand the importance of Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning, as none of these entities had a plan in place at the time.

His own business, People Parkers, a street furniture company, was agile and well placed to benefit from government stimulus, and actually doubled in size year on year.

MakerSpace and Company, a shared creative workspace, was much more exposed to lockdowns and economic disruption and required significant effort to stabilise, rework the business model, create new offerings to the market and continue operating in a reduced capacity until the recent lifting of Sydney lockdown measures.

Given all of his experience, Kris brings a true passion to his local business resilience role at Council as he has seen first hand that spending a small amount of time and resources preparing an organisation for disaster events will save copious amounts of stress, energy, uncertainty and money to stabilise and bounce back when unprepared.