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Property Identification Reforms

Australia’s agricultural and food traceability systems are currently the focus of a number of pieces of work, including reforms to property identification arrangements. This work is looking at opportunities to enhance Australia’s traceability arrangements across animal, plant and food industries.

This helps us:

  • manage pest and disease outbreaks
  • manage food safety, trade and market access requirements
  • address consumer interest in product sustainability, ethics and providence.

Submit your feedback

You can now provide feedback on the draft livestock and plant sector principles and business rules. These have been developed by a working group comprising of all state and territory governments and the Commonwealth.

We would like to know:

  • how the proposed changes will affect your specific industry?
  • how we can minimise disruptions, including integrating with existing or planned systems?
  • what points in the supply chain need a property identifier?
    1. These reforms are considering the following types of properties to be included:
      • Farms/producers
      • Wholesale and retail nurseries
      • Packing sheds
      • Stock food manufacturers
      • Distributions centres
      • Food businesses (excluding hospitality businesses)
      • Show grounds
      • Farmers markets
      • Treatment facilities
      • Export facilities
      • Plant and livestock research facilities
      • Travelling stock routes
      • Feedlots
      • Saleyards
      • Holding yards/transit centres
      • Equine holding facilities
      • Exhibited animal premises
      • Pounds
      • Knackeries
      • Stock agents
      • Cattle sale operators
      • Abattoirs
      • Meat processors
    2. Properties that store processed food products or manufacture food products from processed food inputs (ie do not use raw inputs) will not require a property identifier.
      • how to improve system compliance.

If you are part of the supply chain, we want to hear from you.

Take the survey now. Submit your feedback by 1 November 2019.