For specific region information on the Labour Market click on the graphic below and:

  • In the dropdown box “Select a geographical classification here” select – “ABS Labour Force Regions – SA4 Data
  • In the dropdown box “Select a corresponding sub-region here” Select “Queensland > Brisbane – North

The latest Employment Projections, which includes employment projections for industry, occupation, skill level and industry by region, along with a report on the industry projections, can be viewed here:

The Employers’ Recruitment Insights page can help you to find and view some employer top tips on finding a job. Additionally, a report on employers’ experiences and attitudes to hiring mature age workers is also available for download. The Employers’ Recruitment Insights page can be viewed here:

CLICK HERE for the most up to date version of the Labour Market Vacancy Report

Above information is an extract from the Labour Market Information Portal – htttps://