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2019 has been both a challenging and a very satisfying year for Regional Development Australia, Moreton Bay.  We started the year with the aim of completing a number of projects of significance to the region.  Having done that we move into 2020 wanting to consolidate the work we have started and move on to bigger and better outcomes.


Moreton Bay Jobs

We launched the jobs platform and it has proven to be the big hit we predicted.  With over 12,000 followers on FaceBook, jobs that appear on Moreton Bay Jobs are guaranteed to attract local interest. 

The website is completely free to businesses advertising jobs and to job seekers, and businesses can upload the job advertisement and manage it themselves.  The only constraint on the service is that the job must be based in the Moreton Bay Region. 

Over the year we advertised 1,357 jobs.

In July we held the first Moreton Bay Jobs Expo in Morayfield.  Planned to be an annual event, the Expo this year attracted 27 participating organisations with approximately 400 attendees throughout the morning.

Sustainable Moreton Bay

For businesses interested in how sustainability can add value to the bottom line, Sustainable Moreton Bay is a commitment to focus on the economic, social and environmental issues affecting Moreton Bay communities.  

This strategy is about assisting businesses to build resilience and sustainability by supporting them to:

  • streamline their business practices and reduce their operating costs;
  • reduce their environmental impact
  • use energy, material goods and water efficiently;
  • become supply chain competitive in a low carbon economy;
  • reduce the likelihood of being a carbon pricing liable entity;
  • become responsive to consumer demand for businesses that assume environmental responsibility for their products and business practices.

Consultation has been a key element of this project and during the first half of 2019 stakeholders from across a range of sectors participated in that and this resulted in a more focused discussion.  At the beginning of this month we launched the website and in 2020 we will establish the first two Sustainable Business Precincts.


RDA Moreton Bay is committed to providing information and training to business in the region.  The criteria for our workshops are that they are in demand and of interest, expertly delivered, inexpensive and time conscious.  In 2019 we partnered with the Australian Small Business Advisory Service for a little over half of our workshops.  These had a focus on all things digital and were popular.  Overall, we delivered 25 workshops to business owners.  Workshops covered website building, video making, social media, grantsmanship, business and strategic planning, financials and marketing.

The calendar for 2020 workshops will be available by the end of January and can be found in the News/Events tab of the website

Business attraction, trade and investment

Australia has for decades successfully sought out foreign investment to fund infrastructure, productivity improvements, new technologies and practices.  Currently foreign direct investment accounts for about 4% of our GDP with our biggest investors being the United States, the United Kingdom and Belgium.  China is currently our ninth largest investor, but is widely acknowledged as the most promising new source of investment for Australia. 

RDA Moreton Bay is keen to ensure that investors know about the opportunities and competitive advantages of the Moreton Bay Region.  To this end we have produced an Investment & Export Prospectus for the Moreton Bay Region.

Supply Chain Directory

Another major project in 2019 was the development and launch of the Moreton Bay Region Supply Chain Directory.  An online web-based searchable database of a range of business and industries sectors located within the Moreton Bay region.  The directory also provides the capability for RDA Moreton Bay to interrogate the database to identify potential supply chain gaps to attract businesses into our region. If your business is not currently on the website, please go to Add Your Business and add your company details for free, a great opportunity for free advertising.

The Directory went live at the end of June with around 600 entries were culled and cleaned from an initial list of 1500.  The next stage for the directory will be “green badging” – to link the supply chain directory to the Sustainable Moreton Bay initiative.

Moreton Bay Region Food Trail

 The Moreton Bay Region Food Trail map is a resource designed to support food, agribusiness and hospitality in the region, another initiative of RDA Moreton Bay to help businesses grow by advertising their businesses for free in a format that will increase foot traffic to their door.

Despite a significantly sized food and agribusiness industry in the Moreton Bay Region, by comparison with the neighbouring Sunshine Coast, it was relatively unknown or was considered part of the “greater” Sunshine Coast.

Regions adjacent, or near to the Moreton Bay region have well-developed food trails and the incidence of “farm-to-table” and the use of local produce in mainstream venues, i.e. low food miles, is increasingly popular and in demand. 

Creation of the Moreton Bay Food Trail was undertaken as an exercise in promoting the fresh produce and innovative, high quality food outlets in the region. 

 The online version is fully searchable and has the added benefit of being able to be updated as often as is required  If your business is not yet on the Food Trail Map, please email

As well as being available online and searchable, the Moreton Bay Food Trail Map is available in hard copy.  The double sided A3 full colour maps are available from the eight Moreton Bay Region visitor information centres, all businesses on the map and other relevant tourism providers. 

The Moreton Bay Food Trail has a number 4 ranking on Google Search.

In partnership with Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism, the Food Trail Map formed the basis of two episodes, with four businesses per episode, on Channel 7 Great Day Out in July 2019 and providing promotion in the lead-up to the fabulous Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival. 

And finally …….

We will be closed from Monday 23 December 2019 and returning on Monday 6 January 2020.

Please contact me if there is anything we can help with in the New Year.  Be sure to check our website from the end of January for lots of announcements about our projects, timetable for workshops and other events.

2019 has been busy and exciting and has been the result of tremendous effort by the Board  – Shane Newcombe, Noel Powell, Sharon Armstrong, Chris Hay, Kit Ison, Mike Charlton, Nick Tzimas – and the staff of RDA Moreton Bay who support me and ensure that websites are updated, newsletters go out and lots of other things – Jae Blain and Yani Puohotaua.  Thank you to all for your support and contribution to RDA Moreton Bay’s 2019.

To our business and wider community from all of us here at RDA Moreton Bay, have a fabulous and very Merry Christmas, a New Year full of hope, happiness and resolutions made to be broken!!!  Please be safe because we want to work with you again in 2020.

Nette Griggs

Regional Development Australia, Moreton Bay