Youth Boost Payments ($20,000)

Youth Boost Payments of up to $20,000 are available to eligible employers who hire an unemployed young jobseeker in Moreton Bay region. The jobseeker must be previously unemployed (minimum four weeks) and aged between 15-24 years

Payments are made directly to the eligible employer, in three parts:

  • Initial payment of $6,000 after four weeks of continuous employment and approval of the initial payment application.
  • Second payment of $7,000 after 26 weeks of continuous employment with the same employer and approval of the second payment claim.
  • Final payment of $7,000 on completion of 52 weeks continuous employment with the same employer and approval of the final payment claim.

Further Details on the Youth Boost Payment are available HERE

How do employers apply for a Back to Work payment?

Applications for Youth Boost Payments are made through the QGrants system. To apply for the Back to Work Youth Boost Payment you must first create an account with QGrants. Go to It is important to note that Back to Work Regional and Back to Work SEQ are two separate programs, so make sure you choose the program based on where the job you are offering is located.

Applications must be submitted by the employer, not an agent or other party. This is due to the requirement for the employer to agree to the terms and conditions of the Back to Work program.

The online application form contains a series of questions employers must answer to progress the application. All questions are mandatory with the exception of employee demographic questions.

The questions on the application form address the eligibility criteria and are arranged in the following sections:

  • Employer Details: addressing employer eligibility
  • Employee Details: addressing employee eligibility
  • Employment Details: addressing job eligibility
  • Required declarations and consents.

The QGrants system requires important information to be supplied including applicant contact information, bank account details and business information. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure information is kept up-to-date so that the Back to Work Team can remain in contact regarding future applications, claims and reviews.