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Community Road Safety Grants

The Community Road Safety Grants (CRSG) provide an opportunity for community organisations to support local road safety initiatives that drive a change in behaviours and attitudes to road safety in local communities.

Amount Available: up to $20,000
Closing Date:  5pm, 31 July 2020

Sisters of Charity Foundation 2020 Grants

The Sisters of Charity Foundation provides charity grants of up to $15,000 to eligible applicants. We deliver practical, real world support to smaller “grass-roots” organisations that can’t find help from more traditional sources.

Once accepted as an eligible applicant, we work closely with you and your organisation to understand exactly what is needed, so we can ensure you receive the best quality outcomes.

Amount Available: Up to $15,000 
Closing Date:     Round Two: 30 September 2020

Australian Geographic Society 2020 Sponsorship

Each calendar year the Australian Geographic Society offers sponsorship of up to $10,000 to scientific, conservation, environmental and adventure projects. Australian scientists, community organisations and individuals developing projects in Australia and abroad are welcome to apply.
Amount Available: up to $10,000
Closing Date:   Round Two: 30 November 2020

Arts Business Innovation Fund

The objective of the grant is to strengthen not-for-profit arts businesses financially and operationally by responding to innovative business ideas that will achieve an organisation’s mission into the future.
Amount Available: Matched funding and Loan up to $100,000
Closing Date: no current end date